Saturday, August 20, 2011

crates of space

I had seen in a recent English Garden magazine
a nursery that had used apple crates for their
raised nursery stock beds

I thought I'll have some of those !
and the apple isle
has an abundance of these wooden boxes
but you do need to dig a bit to find someone
who will part with them
and they range in price from $20 - $70 depends on
who you ask

luckily a local orchard said yes
and the manager was so good as to even deliver them
(and on the day and time specified !)

at first I planned to put a false floor using galvanised mesh
but to get weight bearing and a good surface for the pots
it was going to cost about $40 per crate
making it a bit of an outlay
for a non-profitable nursery

but my smartie pants other half
came up with the idea
to cut the base off
and flip it to the crate top

perfect - now the pots won't blow over
or get knocked off a table top and
are at an excellent height for maintenance

wait until he sees what 
I did with his gate for the 
front paddock


  1. Great use of an apple crate and gate. Nice to have things at a manageable height............

    Hope you have some sunshine and warmth there today Lee, it's a right cracker here.

    Enjoy it whatever the weather,

    Claire :}

  2. Totally brilliant idea!! I wonder if these would be any good for a raised garden bed or maybe a compost?

  3. Great idea for the crates and the gate too! It will be much easier to tend at that height. :) x

  4. Nice crates! Gate loooks good too. We got windfall apples for the pigs last year but always had to take the crates back, darn it.
    But we made good use of that 44 gallon drum washed up on river bank... sliced in three it makes a great strawberry bed!

  5. Love it. Great idea to flip them over, too. I was just pondering over apple crates this morning, such handy things they are - great timing!