Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cut Flowers from Shrubs

If you are after a luscious and bountiful
cut flower display for home
from Spring blooms
you can't go past some of the woody shrubs

A superb prolonged performer are
who's blossoms range from early minty green to later creamy white.
Quite a large shrub / tree if let run
so a bit of space is advised and tough pruning to keep
blossoms low enough to pick.

green tints of Guelder Rose

For delicious perfume it has to be Lilacs (Syringa spp.)
and they come in a wonderful colour range
from lemon to deepest blue and red.
An easy care plant that will grow
in tough conditions, just watch
the grafts on cultivars
to prevent the privet rootstock taking over.

lovely lilacs

A surprising cut flower is
for both blossoms and foliage
the foliage is edible, though strong
and can also be used in cooking.
Such a tough plant you can slip
them into the garden with little care
and little space.

deep lilac of native mints and strong green foliage

They will provide a delightful period
of cut flowers for home
as well as the volume for a larger
arrangement for a bigger room
or function.

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  1. Breath-taking! Are they in bloom now? Are you selling any bouquets anywhere at the moment?