Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spotted Deadnettle

Image of Spotted Deadnettle 'Anne Greenway'

Spotted Deadnettle
Lamium maculatum 'Anne Greenway'

I can remember when I first started
working in garden centres
how I disliked these plants . . . .
. . . . my how our tastes change !
I have become quite a fan of
(and what a name - very hemlock and mandrakes)

A robust, low maintenance perennial 
that is a shade loving ground cover.

Silver strips on a lime green leaf 
topped with delicate lilac flowers 
shaped much like a bugloss (Ajuga spp.).

Growing only 7cm tall on flowering with trailing foliage,
it is well suited to hanging baskets 
and spreading through the cooler garden areas 
where sunlight is not strong.

A single plant will easily spread across a shaded 
or dappled light area 
to about 30 - 60cm. 
I tend to give that as a SINGLE plant measure, 
but as this type of groundcover 
will put down new roots at leaf sections, 
each plant will occupy a new space.

Striped leaves peculiar to "Anne Greenway"

Don't panic, 
it will be burnt off in full strong Aussie Summer sun, 
an aggressive hard frost, 
or suffer trampling set back. 
And also responds very well 
to your favourite gardening herbicide 
(unlike periwinkle) 
if it gets a little enthusiastic !

Suitable for more fertile soils, 
but will grow slowly on heavier soils. 
Waterlogged soils will lead to plants rotting. 
And dry soils will also not support successful growth.

potted plant in the nursery

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