Thursday, August 11, 2011

chromosomes and vacuums

he said: "This vacuum is useless, we should have bought the turbo 
(insert expensive brand name here)"
she said: "Have you emptied the bag"
(muttering cost of new bearings on car VS vacuum purchase)
he said: "Hmmm . . . . . no . . . . it's full"

clutter bang shake

he said: "Nope its still useless"
She said: "Give it to me"

an hour later
one pair of kids spring loaded chopsticks
a fork
and a bent clothes hanger wire later

extracted: one matchbox car

my thoughts: what rocket scientist designed this ?

not only can a vacuum get a toy car
that deep into its system to require major surgery
but that the surgery required unusual implements to extract
said blockage
instead of a screwdriver or a clip opening
that would allow simple blockage removal

Really !
Does anyone test these things before they
put them onto the market ?
Can I send them a bill for lost time ?


  1. It surprises me every time I empty my vacume cleaner what I find inside!! I'm sure someone will be happy to have their matchbox car back! :)

  2. Continuing on the theme of this post (which made me laugh out loud!....I'm thinking it was designed by a man. With thoughts of powerful it is, it's sleek design.....and total impracticality !

  3. I laughed out loud at this as I'm a bit vacuum challenged..I break about one a year!!!

  4. Oh Lee, I'm still giggling as I type, that is soooo funny. I hope you can see the funny side of it doubt at the time you weren't laughing.

    Thank goodness for springloaded chopsticks.,,,,,,,

    Claire :}

  5. Wonderful tale!!
    There is only one vacuum I have ever come across that has enough access points to allow you to sort out these domestic troubles - shame more designers don't take note!! I suppose sports cars and electronic inventions take priority though!!!!!!!! :)

  6. You could have been a surgeon with that talent. Today Craig was vacuuming and he called out to me and said "does the red flashing light mean the bag is full?" Me: "What red light? I've never seen a red light" Sure enough when I looked there was a bag symbol and a red light. Upon opening the machine the bag was so rock hard full that I think the light was a warning of imminent explosion! But really though! I've had this cleaner for about four yrs and I've never got it to that point. I said to him "pet" you must have noticed it wasn't working very well....,hmmm I said pet I said love....

  7. That's hilarious!!!! Great story...and I can't believe there was a car in there! I actually contacted Dyson just a couple of weeks ago as I felt our machine wasn't sucking as well (had been like that for years) I cleaned the filter...made a HUGE difference, but still not perfect, then I pulled the whole thing to bits and found a peg!

  8. I absolutely think we think differently to men and get to the problem quicker! well done for such patience, (but maybe you were just so darned determined not to buy a new one!) I went to wash this morning, no go, pump has packed it in, lovely.

  9. I love this!!
    Our niece in the U K works on design for that famous vac.
    The very expensive turbo.
    I promise il ask her when I see her next month!