Thursday, September 1, 2011

bgurk !!!

well we are now chook breeders
eight little balls of fluff have emerged from beneath
Xena Warrior Chicken

is she  a good mother
oh yes !
is she protective 
(I have the scratches to prove it)

now lets hope they turn out more hens then roosters
I see we will have to harden ourselves
to the coq au vin school of chicken care


  1. The new little additions to the chook collection are so cute.
    Your blog header looks great too. x

  2. So very cute, I loved having chickens for pets for my daughers. Ok they were really for me

  3. With a name like Xena Wrrior Chicken...I wouldn't be going anywhere near her! I wish one of my girls would go clucky.

  4. Don't go naming those young roosterlings. Ummm do you think I could have one in a few months for one of my class demonstrations...????

  5. Well done Xena........

    Aren't they just sooooo cute. Love hatching chicks, it's so much fun, but yes, mum is very protective.

    Once my Dorothy (Dorking mum) had done her job, she cut the apron strings just like that and they were on their own. Very interesting seeing the whole process.

    Like Hazel I wish one of my girls was clucky..........

    Fingers crossed for lots of hens Lee and the header pic is lovely by the way.......

    Claire :}

  6. That's how I do my Chicken too. I just don't really like "cluck". B'GURK!!!!!!

  7. Sweet memories of chickens and ducklings,, so sweet :))

  8. arent they sweet we had a new little chick two weeks ago we were hoping for more but hey 1 is good, so good to see them looking well x including mum x