Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spring Flower Show This Weekend

Pincushion Flower "Samantha's Pink"

We are off to Show again !

Back to the wonderful St Albies
with the promise of High Tea
and spending my profits on plants
from other growers !

Launceston Horticultural Society
Spring Show
Daffodils and Camellia Show,
Floral Art,
Plants Sales
and High Tea

$2 entry

Saturday 17th September
10 - 5pm

Sunday 18th September
9 - 4pm

Achillea "The Pearl"

We will have our new seasons range of potted perennials
all ready to plant out for Summer flowers.
Added to the flowers we will also have a range of
thornless blackberries, loganberries and heritage raspberries.

14cm pots will be at show special price of $5 each
7.5cm pots will be $3 each or a mixed six pack for $15

Black-eyed Susan "Goldstrum" - dwarf form

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