Thursday, October 6, 2011

kids and animals

a dose of the sneezes - oh and all the decorations on one side
 I'm just out of the paddock
frantic to tie things up for the Christmas Trees
by end of October

and so I had a simple idea,
a tick off the "TO DO LIST" . . .
. . . . a few snapshots
to show how big the trees were this year

to add to our on-line store
showing the size differences
and to put on our new seasons
postcards and advertising

nice roof on the neighbours place otherwise ok
and again you have to appreciate how many shots
a professional photographer must take to get the right one
and the various aspects they need to look out for
you know . . . 
stray houses . . . .
kids popping out from behind trees . . .
things that should have been cut down !
so back to the drawing board tomorrow I think

pop-up kids (on left of tree) . . . and roof . . .

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