Tuesday, October 4, 2011

mothers of boys

helping mum with a fresh sponge cake

helping mum by adding 1/4 litre of washing fluid to the front loader


  1. oops, one can have too much help sometimes!

    cheers Kate

  2. He he go Wee Herman! (Rat Tail Radish seedlings are powering along btw.)

  3. How cute. My son has taken an interest in cooking - last night he crumbed the chicken nuggets himself AND cooked most of them in the hot oil. I had to walk away because he insisted I was 'hovering' in case he splashed hot oil on himself. Me, hover? Never!

    I haven't had the washing machine incident yet, but both of my children have managed to flood the floor waste in the bathroom while having a shower - too much shampoo takes a long time to go down the drain the have since learnt.

  4. Aaaah the joys of boys,,,,I know how you feel lol

  5. Oh dear! I'm always a little wary of the word 'help'!

  6. Oh what little treasures, hehehe......

    Clothes will be extra clean.....very important and taste testing the sponge to make sure it's up to your usual standard Lee.

    Gotta love em.......

    Claire :}

  7. aah, boys. where would we be without them??
    love that header as well - what a pearler!