Thursday, November 3, 2011

blanket flowers

Gaillardia "Goblin" (our seeds stockists photo)

this year we have added the wonderful
Blanket Flowers to our catalogue of hardy garden colour

I grew these at our first house in town
but when we moved, it stayed behind and
I had never come across them again to replace it

so now I have a steadfast seed supplier
and this year we have our new Gaillardia
or Blanket Flowers ready for Summer gardens

they are a hardy perennial
suited to full sun and tougher soils
they do require coddling to establish, like most plants
but once you get past your first Summer
they will be a steadfast feature in the flower bed

prune back after flowering
and you should gain a second flush of blooms
prune again in Mid Autumn to regain shape
ready for next Summer

we have three types of Blanket flowers
ready now

Gaillardia "Goblin"  
 a dwarf form with yellow and orange flowers

stand size with deep red flowers

with golden orange flowers

Later in the season we will add Gaillardia "Lorenzo" - a fancy ruffled flower
and Gaillardia "Dazzler -


  1. Hmmm I could be tempted I think. Can I use them as cut flowers?

  2. I read your blogs so interesting. Gorgeous display of flowers here. Happy

    Send flowers