Saturday, November 5, 2011

Summer Cut Flowers

Sarah Raven

adding to our cut flower selection
of potted plants is the annual

Burpleurum rotundifolium "Griffithii"

I must admit to not having grown it before
but have coveted it since seeing them in
Sarah Ravens Cutting Garden Book
a few years ago

Pictured above with Cerinthes, 
Fritillarias and Anemones

Sarah Raven

It is a break from our normal perennial range
but it is quite simply a stunning and unusual plant
It looks much like a Euphorbia
but hasn't the same toxic sap or allergy issues
is not prone to weed invasiveness like Euphorbia
and has a better upright form when cut for indoors

Throughwax or Hare's Ears, as it is also know
prefers sunny free draining soils
and self seeds much like a Cerinthe
I'd be inclined to grow the two together
as they are so similar in requirements !


  1. I have a euphorbia Craigieburn....cos it reminded me of Craig....Aawwww! Who said I never buy inedibles?

  2. Oh Tanya, she's such a romantic......

    I love the colour of Euphorbia's but after renting a house that had a garden over run with them, I was quickly put off them so these plants look more suitable.

    Throughwax or Hare's the name's, I wonder how they come up with them?

    They look great with the Cerinthe's in the bouquet.....

    Claire :}

  3. I love that you are in the growing season and here I am taking photo's of our first frosts!! What a beautiful world!!