Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Killiecrankie Washclothes

A very simple project to whip-up as a gift or for home.

Recommended yarn: pure cotton in 8ply (yarn used here Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton in denim and snow.
Hook Size: 4mm
Pattern: in UK/AUS standard terminology

Row 1: chain 41
Row 2: single crochet into second chain from end, single crochet to end (40)
Row 3*: ch 2, treble to end (40)
Row 4*: ch 1, single crochet to end (40)
Row 5 - 32: repeat Rows 3 & 4 until block is square (total rows depend on tension).

Work around entire project in single crochet to finish edges evenly and provide the base for the picot edge. Each space/row should be a single crochet. Number of single edge stitches will vary dependant on number of rows completed.

Fulsome Picot: this is loosely a picot edging, start new colour yarn, slip stitch into any point on washcloth side, working pattern as follows: *slip stitch, chain 1, treble into same stitch, slip stitch into next stitch, slip stitch into next stitch*, repeat around all edges.
When you reach a corner, work the picot around evenly in same pattern.

To add a loop to hang cloth: chain 20 from a corner stitch, secure back into the same stitch, work back around the chain (using the chain as a central cord) in single crochet (loosely 30 single crochets - stitches should be close and form a sturdy covering of the chain loop). Slip stitch back into the stitch where you started loop, and continue picot edge as described above.

Work any loose yarn threads back into the body of the wash cloth with a large darning needle.

Any corrections or improvements most welcome :)


  1. It looks lovely. I really like the denim yarn you used with the white border. I've actually have some of that I bought a while ago and I want to do a bit of crochet so I might give it a try, Thank you for the pattern.

  2. Can't have to many, and I love using Bendigo cotton..:))
    Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas ..

  3. Hi there, I have only just found your blog from the feature on your gorgeous farm in the December Australian Country Style. Although, I think I read a little more from Amanda, at The Vintage Rose. She got her Christmas tree from you according to her blog. Anyway, us Tasmanians need to support and encourage each other. So well done on your inspiring blog and ideas, and on your dreamy farm...until next time, Tammy

  4. Hi Lee.. Love this washcloth, must make a couple very soon.. Hope all are well.. Had coffee and cake at your sisters cafe a couple of months ago and bought a plant. Himalayan Fleece plant I think it is called.. Grown like mad and keeps flowering.. Love it..xxx

  5. I can't believe that I have only just found your blog! I have spent a lot of time searching the net for dishcloth/washcloth patterns. You can't believe how wonderful it was for me to come across your site. When I saw that you used Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton and a size 4mm hook, I knew I had finally found the right place. The smaller hook (as opposed to the ones the US like to use) gives a much firmer cloth. And I really, really love the BMW yarns. In fact, my daughter took me up there for my last birthday and I spent just over $200.00 there. That was added to the $165.00 I spent in May plus the online orders I had placed. In fact, I placed an order only last night to top up on white cotton, such a pure white, and to buy their new cotton colours plus to take advantage of the $10.00 price before it goes back up again.

    I bet you can tell how pleased I am that I have BWM cotton and your pattern. I sure am!

    I hope you and your loved ones have a happy and safe Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    Cheers from Melbourne,

    1. Glad you like it Janet - the BWM cotton is lovely to work with, and they have just added some new colours to their range - some brights. I'm using it for making doily bunting for my kids rooms.

  6. Beautiful cloth. Looking for a pattern this one is so very lovely!