Wednesday, January 4, 2012

now you see it . . .

hey wasn't there a poly tunnel there ?

with Four Season Herbs undertaking their own sea change

to the big island

we can only say "lucky you" to all those in the Coffs Harbour district

who will now be getting a pretty amazing range of herbs on their back step

Its typical that you get to know someone

and they shove off to the mainland

Tara has been an amazing mentor / garden geek / confidant

in all things greenhouse and marketing

Never more so then when Tara and Mathew

said yes we could have their Poly tunnel

home of what must add up to be tens of thousands of plants

over the last few years

so while Tara and her crew have been busily packing house

with all the stress of getting thousands of plants off the Apple Isle

to their new subtropical home

We have bombarded her backyard

turning it from a productive nursery

to a semi derelict wasteland

and back to a new garden bed

complete with dwarf apple trees,

potted herbs

and a nice Mediterranean edging of seaside daisy

and next . . .

re constructing it in our backyard !


  1. Great makeover Lee, you would never have guessed there was a poly tunnel there in a former life.......

    Getting plants off the Apple Isle sounds a bit tricky.

    I used to live in Coffs a great part of the world, somewhat warmer than Tassie...

    Hope you are all well and have a wonderfully creative and productive

    Claire :}

  2. Oh the possibilities of a poly tunnel are endless. My sister in law lives in Tassie and she had one for a while. It was amazing what she could grow. Great makeover.

  3. Love the tunnel, one can grow so much here in Tassie:))
    but a great look ..

  4. Looking forward to hearing about your reconstruction - we will be putting one up before the cooler weather and I'd love some tips!!

  5. Good luck Lee, I will miss our garden related chats. Will keep you posted on how our trek north with 15000 plants goes...

    Cheers, Tara