Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ragged Robins

Lychnis flos-cuculi "White Robin"

Winter doesn't offer to much colour in our garden yet
It is such a new garden the Winter flowering plants and Autumn colours
are too small to make in imprint on the landscape at the farm

A little surprise popped up in one of the stock beds.
Planted to harvest seed from we weren't expecting flowers until Spring
but this little white version of the English wildflower species
 of Ragged Robin (Cuckoo Flower)
sent forth a froth of white shaggy blossoms

A -4oC Frost did not damage the blossoms or foliage !

So I'm not sure if our strange warm weather patches through Autumn 
triggered the flowering
or this is just a feature of this plant
either way I'm happy for any flowers in Winter, even white ones !

The advantage now is that these blossoms will produce seed that
will have been through a severe frost
making the next generation of plants assuredly tough !

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