Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Got-to-be-in-it to win it . . .

Good thing for country networks I say !

Thanks to a simple email sent around from another local gal
we managed to snag a Business Innovators Grant tonite
from Westpacs first ever round of Small Business Grants

Only 63 grants Nationwide, and Tassie managed to grab six of them
which is a great show from local small business'

Chatting with David Fagan the Westpac State GM,
the Grants attracted a great application rate statewide, and is said to have
had a hugely diverse and significantly unique range of small business'

Just goes to show how determined this state is to keep
this wonderful place alive and forging new directions for business

Congrats to fellow applicants and winners - we are indeed amoungst fine company !


  1. Congratulations Lee, that's fantastic news......... I know how much grants to small businesses can make such a difference

    Claire x

  2. Congratulations Lee, well done.