Monday, September 10, 2012

Gaillardia Wynter Geld

Back in Winter I was lamenting the lack of colour our garden has. 
I do expect a lot, I suppose as a Horticulturist I'm allowed !
Yet one of those gems which shine through the Winter bleakness
has been this Gaillardia, which we have now started to propagate as
a colour specific cultivar after it merged from a hybrid in the stock beds two years ago.

We are calling it "Wynter Geld" for obvious reasons

 It is such a hardy specimen through sodden Winter and into the hot dry Summer
Sturdy and abundant flowers on nicely hoary leaves.
It takes a good pruning back of its evergreen form well,
replenishing any lanky growth with a thicket of foliage and flower buds.

Our plants are happily growing under the clothesline in an un-watered, and only slightly improved garden bed, with a good thick layer of bark mulch.

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  1. Yellow daisy time with us in Kent:Silphium perfoliatum has grown over 6ft and not fallen over! We hope to sell some tomorrow at a Plant Heritage fair at Denbies vineyard in Surrey.