Friday, July 19, 2013

Notch it down to experience

poo !

They do say that you learn from your mistakes
you never make the same mistake again

and so it goes when you go from an event participant taking care of all your own licenses at someones Else's events to being the one organising of your own event

when you think you have all the boxes ticked and "i's" dotted
things can still go pear shaped - especially when its the first time you've done this
the gap between state and municipal licensing broadened today for us when we found out
that we need the liquor license to have wine sold at our event rather than the vendor

Most wine sellers have a license for their vineyard/cellar door but when it comes to an event
apparently its standard for the event holder to take out the state based permit
yeh I know, I know, stupid mistake huh 
lets just say we weren't the only ones surprised to find this out 

Sure makes selling plants and Christmas Trees look easy !

wish we knew all this a few weeks ago !
Anyone got a "How to run an Event in Tassie Guidebook" ?

we have had brilliant business, community  and council support to try 
and help solve our little dilemma
unfortunately on a Friday lunch time, two days before the event
nothing can get solved in a hurry.

Sure won't be slipping up like that in October for our Spring Fete !



  1. Very interesting to find that out as I know a homewares store in town that has been holding regular VIP nights with "wine tasting" without a license (through genuine wrong assumption) live and learn hey?

  2. I think if you give it away you are clear (don't quote me on that), but our stall holder was selling the cups of mulled wine.
    We can't even do BYO, as you need a BYO license for people to consume alcohol on your premises so far as we NOW know - I think its different if you go down the park with a picnic hamper on your own. sigh.