Monday, July 22, 2013

Salt Dough Recipe

For our Christmas in July, my eldest daughter got all keen to make salt dough shapes like she had seen over here.

Here is the recipe and technique we muddled through.

100gm plain flour
50gm fine salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
80mL of warm hot water

Dissolve salt with hot water.
add oil
add flour

We mixed in the breadmaker, and added more flour if the mix was tacky - it needs to be the consistency of bread dough so quite firm (the mix needs adjusting dependent on flour quality and weather/humidity).

Roll out on a flour dusted surface or between two baking paper sheets, using two chopping boards either side of mix to get an even height on dough.

Press rubber stamps across surface to get imprints.

Cut desired shapes with a biccie cutter, and push a hole for ribbon with the blunt end of a satay stick into shape BEFORE taking cutter off (stops distortion of the edge).

Slip onto a baking tray with baking paper to prevent sticking.

Put in a 75oC oven (no higher or the dough will cook and dough may rise) for about four hours + (again varies dependent on dough moisture and weather).

The dried shapes should be hard and dry, you can feel the lightness in the shape if its is dried properly.

Keep in an air tight container or mouLd will grow on them like a stale piece of bread !
You can coat in a satin sealant (from a craft shop) to give the salt dough longevity.

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