Saturday, August 17, 2013

Only myself to blame . . .

LEAF not LEAD !!!!!

We write all our own labels for the Nursery.
No bog standard labels mass produced for the whole of Australia
My labels have details for growing them here - in Tasmania & similar climates
Certainly not for maybe Darwin or Sydney, even Canberra

I add to the labels little peccadilloes that we have experienced when growing, 
they may not always be nice
like "Clary Sage" old name was Milkmaids Armpits
yes beautiful, but don't smell so good
we didn't add however - don't plant under your clothesline as your washing will brush through it and stink !

My rule last year was "No plant labels while tired" given my habitual period of free time with no interuptsions was usually around 1am
add to that now "Not while sick in bed !"
So I have only myself to blame when my plant labels come back with not so much spelling mistakes but clearly a lack of editorial rigor 

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