Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dusty Miller

Senecio "Vira Vira" in flower

A glorious day at the Farm today
Sunshine and the crisp breeze that tells of highland snowfalls

My poly tunnel is warm and the plants are jumping at the bright daylight
Cuttings are being run over the work bench today
silvery and feathered is the theme

Senecio "Vira Vira"

Last Summer I trialled a few new Senecio's
chosen of course for silver foliage to be a beautiful back drop to pretty much any colour

They have survived -7oC, flooding, water logging and the heat of last years Indian Summer
So that ticks all the boxes for us to propagate them
They will be nicely ready about late November at the Nursery
fully hardened and garden ready

Senecio "Cirrus"
Common Name: Dusty Miller's

Botanical Names: Senecio "Vira Vira": Senecio viravira syn Senecio leuchostachys
                                      Senecio "Cirrus" :  Senecio cineraria 'Cirrus'

Height: 65cm (85cm in flower)
Spread: 50 - 75cm

Flower: white / pale lemon in Summer, repeat flower in late Autumn
Uses: ornamental

Aspect (Tasmania): North, North West, East, North East
Sun: Full Sun only Soil: tolerant of poorer soils, free draining Water: not much water need after establishment, may need a splash in high Summer if soil moisture is not retained through mulching or extreme heat is expected
Maintenance: prune spent flowers back, light prune to encourage regrowth in late Summer
Problems: occasional Cineraria Leaf Miners, and grub borers in stem, but can be easily controlled through a bit a pruning for the borer and healthy growth.

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