Tuesday, August 27, 2013



This is the face of trouble.

"Cherry" the matriarch of our small herd of Wiltshire's decided to take her entourage on tour when they discovered the gate to the paddock had fallen down (along with a wet rotten corner fencepost).
After all the rain we have a LOT of rotten posts
Another job to the list, fairly high priority really

But there is no dignity chasing sheep down the road,
especially in steel capped boots, and not a high degree of sprint fitness

Our small herd of sheep are Wiltshire Poll's
They came to us last year as weened lambs
everyone a girl with one purpose next year
into the mix a few merino x's - the lads (well partially)
for the freezer

We chose the Wilties as they are moulting sheep
no shearing, no crutching, high worm resistance
good mothers, hardy meat breed

they are also cheeky as !
"the girls" as they are known rule the farm
the cows hate them, chasing them across the paddock
but the combined livestock make great use of the pastures
having different feeding preferences

they follow the kids from paddock to paddock
its more about food then friendship I suspect
but the kids pet them and sit in the middle of the small herd
having sheepy tea parties which has involved many packets of milk arrowroot
and a goodly number of my salad greens from the vegie patch


  1. Aw that sheep is just adorable

  2. I laughed heartily and indulgently as I related all to the shearer...who smiled and just shook his head. LOL Milk arrowroot tea parties with the sheep...priceless!