Monday, August 26, 2013

Winter Garden Perfume

Dutch Hyacinths

My garden has slipped into a highly scented place with Winter flowers coming into full bloom
Back in May I planted out the first Dutch Hyacinths we have had in the garden since moving here
A big brown paper bag of 100 bulbs picked up from Dave of Van Dieman Bulbs at the 
Launceston Horticulture Society Show in April before we closed for the Season.
The bulbs hadn't been forced (like those you would have seen at AgFest),
so are flowering naturally now

Fire King Wallflower

 Last year I grew hundreds of biennial wallflowers
we sold only a few so the rest went into my garden in May
After a few setbacks from the rabbits they are now big shrubs cover in perfumed scarlet flowers
and are one of the first flowers for Late Winter

Ruby Gem Wallflower

 I have a few special perennial wallflowers (the yellow one below)
which are now big enough to pick and bring into the house for vases
A scent so strong you only need the smallest quantity in a big vase mixed with 
Daffodils, Bluebells and Snowdrops and the very first cherry blossom pinched from town
where it is warmer and a bit further advanced into the Spring Season

Yellow Wallflower

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