Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tasmanian Gardens

Tasmania has the perfect growing conditions for ornamental gardens
we have good rainfalls in many districts
fantastic seasonal differences
and if you are lucky good soils (ohhh my kingdom for some red basalt !)

Callington Mill Gardens & Heritage Orchard at Oatlands

Given all of these factors Tasmania has some brilliant
Open Gardens, public and private as well as the many wonderful regional Garden Clubs
Yet we don't really do them justice as far as promoting them
Given the current demise of industry in Tasmania,
shouldn't we be trying harder for the Horticulture Industry in this State ?

After traveling in the UK and Western Europe and seeing the
visitation to open gardens, and the promotion of the Garden industries
we really are missing the boat here

Red Dragon Nursery at Underwood

 Of course there are "associations" you can pay to join as a Garden/Nursery
and you gain their promotional advantage (sometimes)
but there are so many more Gardens out there that
can't afford the high membership fees


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Westbury Garden Club Summer Show

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